about me...(loser)

i   have   some   friends....

actually, i really am a loser. i live in the pit of nj-west windsor. i go to some cheap high school where all of the teachers are nutbags. but it's okay. i guess. by looking at my links you've probably figured out the music i listen to and if not-lords of acid, insane clown posse, psychorealm, offspring, dj keoki, cypress hill, switchblade symphony, rosetta stone, my life with the thrill kill kult, everclear... (yes its pretty diverse)

cathie has started me listening to girly music and i sort of like it-you know- sarah mclachlan, loreena mckennitt, tori amos, bjork, the softies etc. etc.

i have some friends, only a few though...most of them i dont actually hang out with because i devote most of my time to cathie (and maybe even some homework-but don't push it) i would have more friends (maybe some freshmen) but ive found that most of them are shallow and not worth the effort of being frends with, or even knowing. ive pretty much narrowed it down to a select few whom i would actually call my friends...

my angel, scott, katie t, jon , steve (three of those), bryan, lauren p, sean, t.j., tim, karou, mike, eric, melissa, andrea c, doug, matt, adam, vaughn, tom s, ...i cant remember everyone (or maybe thats it)

*if anyone is left out or feels left out im sorry-if its that important email me and tell me*

This is a pic of Me on halloween, usually the make-up is toned down a bit

This is a pic of my Sister

This is a pic of my friend Scott

This is me on a basically normal day


i decided to add this little news section because my page was getting pretty boring with the same junk everyday. some news: soo...i forget about my drivers test again...ive added a couple new pages to my site, soon to come: animations, sanrio, movies, music, and free un-adulterated phone sex....just kidding...but you can call me and ill talk to you about my butt....school turned out to not be that bad-but i dont see alot of people that i used to see...more to come