this is my page dedicated to everclear, one of my favorite bands.
id also like to say a huge thank you to Art, Greg, and Craig for
taking the time to do all the pictures and for signing all the

everclear is:

(from left to right)
craig montoya: bass guitar, vocals, keyboard, mandolin art alexakis : vocals, guitars, steel guitar, keyboards, banjo, mandolin, toy piano greg eklund : drums, percussions, vocals, keyboards, slide whistle

the best day of my life....

one day cat, me and scott decided to try and get into the showing of
Conan in which everlear was going to appear but we didnt get in. so
instead we waited outside for them to come down, and low and behold
they finally arrived after almost 3 hours of waiting...they were
awesome we met them got pictures, autographs, and we talked to them
for about 20 mins. not to mention that art touched me while showing
my t-shirt to the members of the band because he like it alot, and
the fact that greg made fun of my pants when they were pulling away
but im not upset because it was GREG and hes awesome! i scanned some
photos from that glorious friday night for your mine viewing

this is art getting into his car

this is me cathie and art

me cathie and greg

me being extremely happy after meeting everclear

still extremely happy....

cathie w/ her new shoes at Kmart

scott and cathie being happy after meeting everclear

scott and art

scott and greg

thank you to art craig and greg for putting up with the crap for this
and to greg for putting up with the broken marker that scott gave really meant a lot...thank you

i hope to see you again, keep putting out your excellent music!