my love...

she is myne queen of the faeries

the fire is my heart

it burns only for my queen

a digitally enhanced cathie-she really is an angel-click on the faerie

a few more:

this is me and my baby

this is my invisible cafee


my girl friend of about a year and a half is the most beautiful creature in the world. i love her with every single breath i take and every beat my heart pumps. i would do anything for her - all she has to do is ask. my queen. my faerie queen. her death call. my world is dark. a rain falls. one day a girl appears. she rides on the back of a unicorn. but she doesn't need to. for she is an angel. she is the sun. she is the warmth and safety in my world. she is the light in my soul and in my heart. she presents him with a single black rose. and the rose is her love.

and the story went like this: a princess who lived in a castle tower fell in love with a traveling prince from a far off land. her father, the king was furious. he contacted a witch who made up a forgetting potion for him. the king then went up to his daughter's room in the tower and forced her to drink the witches potion. he had his gaurds hold the princess's arms behind her back while he poured the vile brew down her throat. once the potion was inside her the gaurds let go of her. but then suddenly, before they could stop her, the princess ran to the window snd jumped from the tower to her death, before the potion could take hold of her soul, before she could forget her love.

my cat, my queen of faeries, my all

i love you.