Face to face - my lovely foe
Mouth to mouth - raining heavens ' blows
Hand on heart - Tic Tac Toe
Under the stars - naked as we flow
Cheek to cheek - the bitter sweet
Commit your crime in your deadly time
It's too divine - I want to bend
I want this bliss but something says I must resist
Another life - another time
Face to face - 
no telling lies 
The masks they slide - to reveal a new disguise
You never can win - it's the state I'm in
This danger thrills and my conflict kills
They say follow your heart - follow it through
But how can you - when you're split in two?
And you'll never know

for you are the ones i hate, you are the damned souls

*lyz-for being a fat ass slut who doesnt care about anybody and is a shallow piece of shit..for thinking she is goth and wearing the same nasty clothes every day..for thinking she is tough shit and that she rules the world...for writing dumb shit in my guestbook, and for being a general skank

*mimi-for being another fat ass slut that pushes everone around with her whale blubber..for acting like she is black and having no heart whatsoever..thats why no one wanted to go to the junior prom with her, and for having no real backup behind her feelings toward people other than what people say

*lisa-for being a noosy little pest...her zits take up like her whole face, shes the ugliest bitch ive ever seen, for being a fat slob who eats all of the food at her friends houses, for wearing clothes that are too small for her body size so that her happy trail on her stomach is hanging out...you and mimi both need to stop wearing those nasty short skirts that show off the strech marks in your legs...

*cara-for being a liar and a venearial diseased pyschotic bitch...for having these magnifying glasses that are like nine inches thick...for thinking that she is cool by being anorexic...for having no actual life whatsoever but having the greatest made-up life in the world...for being a stupid slut(or not) who gets "raped" like six times a day...and who cant take care of her own dirty work so she has to have a big monkey-mike-come and threaten me...thats why her real family didn't even love her enough to keep her so they threw her in some persons house who "beats" her...and for all of those people who look at her lillill "boobs" if you even want to call them that, id say more like nubbies...and for having a "friend" who loved me more-so they left her for me-oh....i guess no one really loves her and for stealing cathies yearbook and saying that they were never best friends

*april-for being so goddamn annoying, for being the dumbest crack-whore on the face of the earth that really doesnt know what love is and who just wants a piece of ass off of everyone and their brother

*marc-for being a complete asshole toward every person who is a little different then him...for thinking he is tough shit but who is just a skinny little soccer player who could get his ass beat by anyone...

*katie-for being a fat-ass who gets into fights that dont involve her...for having a crooked nose that could poke someones eye out...for copying at least two peoples' hair cut, saying that she "listens" to the insane clown posse but who actually has never seen them in concert or who only has one of their albums, and still saying that she is more original than i am...for having crooked/buck teeth that jut out of her mouth...for being the biggest prude in the world, but who actually excited when (1)-only one guy (her first) felt her up...but then again i would be excited too if i was that ugly...

*laura-for being a stupid bitch who gets involved in things that have nothing to do with her, and for blabbing to the little kids who i babysit for about me wearing a dress and makeup...and for wearing these tiny little skirts when she looks like a dog...and for being a closet-physco, and stealing all of my babysitting jobs

*jodi-another fatass(hmmm notice a trend here) who thinks that she is goth because she listens to marilyn manson and the cure, but shes not because niether of them are goth-they are just some sideshow circus for money

*evan-for somehow weazling his way into my group of friends and thinking that he is cool when the first time he came her he look like a loser and changing into something that he's not...for having these big breasts(self explanatory)...for thinking that he can skate, for getting his hair cut with me...what the hell?

*andrew-this guy is so cool, making random comments about how im a "fucking freak" as he would put it....an i think that the coolest thing about him is the fact that he walks into me on purpose and acts like i was the clumsy one...and how im polite to him if there is some interaction but he is a total asshole

*adam1-there are two adams, this is the first one, he is a skinny little prick that (again) thinks he is some kind of world leader...he always makes fun of people even though he is worse than most of us...the worst thing about him is that he is really, really dirty...his hair is greasy, his face is dirty and zitty, and he smells and he annoys the hell out of me

*adam2-this guy is a complete jerk...one of my friends decided that she wanted to go out with him, but, since the first hand accounts from cathie i wanted to warn her about him...i guess that she got soo discouraged that she dumped him...i heard that he is a total jerk and he leads people on saying that he loves them and then he has sex with them and leaves-player-...i not only heard this from one person, but from 3 people...i dont understand how so many people like him, and then he has the nerve to threaten me-ooooh, hes a skinny little shit that looks like a complete homo

*bruce-yeah-this guy is cool, beat up your daughter and then deny the whole thing ever happenned when there's blood on your clothes and on the floor thats not yours...hmm-act like your tough around people smaller than you but dont say anything when im around cause ill kick your ass through the roof...beat up your wife...this guys a stud...take away your daughters college money just to pay your way out of jail...asshole...thats why your family didn't love you either and they beat the shit out of you-but then again-if i was your family, id beat the shit out of you too, and its cool how you have a mistress too

*todd-now this guy is my favorite...he is the biggest fuckin' homo in the world...he coaches like shit, and treats everyone like they're his slaves...not to mention that he cant skate for jack shit and that hes a goddamned pedophile and thats the only way that you get to play on his team, if you fuck him in the ass....oh, did i mention how he made the team strattle the bench so that we could take a team photograph(more than likely, its hanging on the cieling in his room so that he can spank every night) hes such a loser that his job is as a guidance counsler at a community college and hes never been married, most likely because of his taste in young boys...

*nancy-for being a big slut, because she must if she finds bruce attractive, not to mention she fucks married men and makes their wives cry

*if anyone has any input or comments,feel free to mail me, thanx